Friday, 19 February 2016

Swimming Sports Day!

Today we had an amazing day at Jellie Park for swimming sports, and I was very proud of the way Room 6 students tried their best and encouraged each other too. Everyone in our class recieved well-deserved Pozis and CARE ticks today too!

To top it off, we won the class relay race - awesome job Jack, Aysha, Gus and Marcus!

Thanks Room 6 for being such a great team. Here are some photos from today. See you on Monday!
Mr Rule.


  1. that day was fun I really enjoyed that nice work
    bye mr gus

  2. this is the day we went swiming its was a great day we all liked it and it was the best time i had sort of .Bay HARRY J

  3. That day was amazing!I came first in both of my races. It was really fun.


  4. Congratulations Aysha , jack , Marcus and Gus
    By Jessica